Friday, September 30, 2005

The most awkward season premier award goes to...

...Will and Grace, hands down. This "live" episode was one Will and Grace like none before, and hopefully none to follow.

The show started with a shot of the studio audience. The camera then panned over to a black curtain on which was written in white, what else but, "Will and Grace." When the curtain was raised, the familiar apartment set was revealed, and the camera zoomed in on Grace talking on the phone.

The whole episode looked visually like a soap opera. Despite the beauty of the Hi Definition signal, it looked low-budget and unprofessional, and the actors couldn't keep character at all. Not only did they keep smirking and laughing, but their rhythm and timing was totally off. They kept speaking either too fast or too slow, and often looked around awkwardly while straining to remember lines.

That said, I have to admit, the flaws and character breaks actually made the episode more interesting. And I for one, could not turn it off. I can also vouch for the fact that it is pretty true to the experience of seeing a sitcom episode shot live in person (I used to intern for a friendly neighbor of theirs), except when you are there, you have to see them do it multiple times, and not always in the show's order. The end of this episode of Will and Grace, like live sitcom tapings, was marked by the actors' names being announced and them coming out to take bows, which I also found strange to see on TV.

Technically, this show was a mess. The lighting was harsh, the sound levels were off... But, I'm still glad I tuned in. As uncomfortable as it made me feel when they broke the fourth wall, it felt kind of exciting like a reality show, and I wanted to see what was going to happen next. Did anyone else tune in?
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Workplace etiquette

I think workplace etiquette should dictate the following...

1. Singing or humming jingles that get stuck in your head, or catchy TV show theme songs, is not only NOT cute or funny, but annoying and disruptive... especially when you are sitting within a five foot radius of another person.

I swear that I have had the Odd Couple theme song and Mr. Ed in my head for about three months straight, thanks to my desk neighbor. Seriously. He's a really nice guy, but puh-lease... Yesterday, it took me about 20 minutes to count and log-in 373 photo chromes, all because I could think of nothing else except McD's: ba-da-ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it.

But... I'm not lovin' it. Not lovin' it at all.

2. Learn to whistle in environments other than the workplace, especially when the noise coming out sounds like the ss-ss-ssssizzle from a teakettle that is getting ready to screech, because inevitably my head starts feeling like a kettle building towards a screech. And trust me, nobody wants to hear me screech.

3. The office should be a vibrate only zone. Save the unique cell phone rings for elsewhere. It is hard to sound professional on a call when Britney Spears bursts on in the background, or the Waltz that plays ten times a day when desk neighbor's high-maintenance GF calls... OR the strangest one around here, a voice saying "YOU have a call. YOU have a call."

4. If you are bored and decide to play video games, please turn off the sound. PING, THWAP, WAMM one more time... and I'll PING, THWAP, WAMM you.

5. If your nose is running, please find a tissue, or excuse yourself to the restroom to plug your sneeze hole.

6. The newest addition to the list... Please refrain from making microwavable popcorn and walking around with the bag so that the smell fills every crevice of the office. Especially when you know that the person sitting next to you is fasting because she has to go get her blood taken at the doctor's (which also means NO COFFEE). Grrrrr.

So, that's my list. I'm sure I do plenty of things that annoy as well, but lucky for me, I don't have to sit next to myself. Maybe one day I will have my own office, but for now I'll settle for a good vent-fest every once in a while. Anyone else need to vent?
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Smell my hands...

What is it about that pink soap in public bathrooms that smells so nasty?

And not just for a few minutes... I can smell that harsh scent on my skin for the rest of the day. And the packaging claims that it is a floral aroma!? Yeah, right. If by floral they mean metallic, then yes, it smells floral.

And what I find even more disturbing, is that it is not only intended for use on hands, but according to some labels, dishes and clothes as well. What could possibly be in this opaque pink liquid that could get both my hands and my intimates clean?

I wonder if the makers of this soap get excited about their pink liquid soap? Evidently they do, because one brand claims that theirs is a "luxurious, thick bodied cleanser that lathers quickly and easily to penetrate and remove a wide range of mild to heavy industrial soil." Sounds to me like that was written by someone who really appreciates their pink liquid soap.

I'm a Purell girl myself. Can't get enough of the hand sanitizer. I keep one in my desk at work and often a small one in my purse. At home, I stick with Softsoap antibacterial clear liquid soap. Truth is, I'm a sucker for a cute soap dispenser with ladybugs or geckos...

As long as it's not pink. Any color, except pink.
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Think positive

I hope your week is filled with positive thinking!
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Friday, September 23, 2005

Mack the knife

I grew up in the 'burbs. Not on one of those blocks where all the kids gathered in the street to play ball or splash in the neighbor's paddling pool, I lived on a street with no other children, where I didn't even know my neighbors. Tall trees separated the houses, and I never knew that ice cream trucks really existed.

But they did exist. My beau lived on an ice cream truck street. His block was not only frequented by the ice cream truck, but also by the knife sharpening truck. Until he informed me of this, I had never heard of such a thing. It doesn't sound like it goes... Remember the old days of milk trucks, ice cream trucks, and knife sharpening trucks? But, it's true. Knife sharpening trucks didn't play children's songs like ice cream trucks (now that would be very creepy), but there was a bell that would ring, and upon hearing that familiar sound, women would appear through the doorways and gather with their dull knives.

Sounds a bit like a scene out of Desperate Housewives to me.

I do like the idea of services coming to my door in trucks though. I have seen a dog grooming truck in front of our building. I wish they had a salon truck like that for people. Folks could hear the truck's bell or song and come rushing over for a mani/pedi, a massage, a hair cut... Or everything at once. Right outside your door.

Or how about a sex shop truck? Play a few notes of that cheesy 70s porn music through the megaphone, and everyone would crowd around to check out the merchandise. I'm telling you, this truck thing could be a hot new-old fad. What truck would you want frequenting your block?
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Photo Friday: Burn

Self portrait from several years ago. A very long exposure. Had to really burn in the image. Hand developed and printed...

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    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    Reveal the goddess in you

    I have an announcement to make... after years of using standard disposable razors, I have just entered the world of the Venus.

    I used to think that spending $7 on a razor was silly when I could spend a few bucks and get a whole bag of razors. Boy oh boy, was I mistaken. The Venus by Gillette for Women has a pivoting rounded head with three blades surrounded by soft protective cushions. One of the protective strips even has Aloe and Vitamin E, and the blue color fades when you should switch the blade.

    My previous method of determining the life of a razor, was to leave it sitting in the shower for months and months until it got overwhelmingly rusty, and then a few weeks later, possibly get rid of it. I know, gross. But, those days are gone, I tell you. Gone indeed, thanks to my Venus.

    I never knew I could feel so smooth and sexy, just from a good shave.

    Between the new scale , the new showerhead, and now the new Venus... I don't know if I'll ever want to leave my bathroom.
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    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    Remove before wearing or washing

    On the subway ride home from work yesterday, I was sitting with my new sweater on my lap, listening to music, when something struck me as disturbing...

    I noticed a small clear circle on the sweater, about a centimeter radius, with the letter "L" printed in black in the middle. That's right, a sticker was stuck to the the sweater I had been wearing the entire day, announcing to the world that I wear a size Large. And I bought that size specifically to layer over my regular clothes because I work in an ice-box known as a high rise, but that's beside the point. I can't believe no one told me. At work. Nothing. At Kabbalah class. Nothing. And we were talking all about sharing in class. And yet nobody thought to share with me the fact that I had a sticker on my chest?!

    And then, I made the second disturbing discovery...

    A thick tag sewn into the inside of the sweater that said: REMOVE BEFORE WEARING OR WASHING.

    I have to admit, it freaked me out a bit. Since I had been wearing the sweater all day, I began to wonder...

    What is inside the mysterious tag?
    Why was it sewn on the sweater in the first place?
    And why is it so important that I remove it before wearing or washing?

    Needless to say, I am not wearing that sweater today.
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    Sunday, September 18, 2005

    Roses really smell like poo oooh oooh

    I have something to admit... I secretly dislike red roses.

    It's true. I find them to be rather boring. Don't get me wrong, the romantic thought behind them being given as a gift is incredibly sweet and priceless, so I greatly appreciate them for that reason. But truthfully, I find red roses in general to be trite, unoriginal, and way too expensive (for those good velvety roses).

    I just think that if someone is going to spend 70, 100, 200... dollars on a gift, I'd rather get some cute earrings or something that I can hang onto for a while, and won't die without me tending to it. I mean, you could get diamonds cheaper than some red rose bouquets!

    If you have to go with flowers, I would opt for something catered to the recipient, like lavender for someone who loves France. Also for any occasion (or no occasion at all), I don't think you can go wrong with a simple, sexy, and always sophisticated all-white bouquet including lilies (pretty much anything white except carnations or "baby's breath"), or perhaps a fun and racy brightly colored arrangement of exotic and unique flowers. Or even, dare I say, a plant... Something that won't die right away.

    A few months ago, when my mother came over and saw a huge display of 2 dozen dead roses in a vase on my table, she asked if I had been changing the water everyday. What? I was shocked. I'm supposed to do daily chores to keep my present looking good? That's so not going to happen. It's just not worth it to me. And then I end up keeping freaky looking dead flowers around that look like something out of a Tim Burton movie.

    What can I say? I probably sound like an unappreciative bitch, but I'm just laying it out there for you. I love the sentiment, but roses just don't do it for me... Am I alone in this feeling?
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    Saturday, September 17, 2005

    For pickles and giggles

    Sometimes when I am having a rough day at work, like today, I head across the street to the Hello Deli, for lunch and a laugh.

    Walking into this particular establishment is like walking into a large closet, filled with boxes and a variety of characters. The funny thing is that people travel long distances just to come to this "deli," and have their picture taken with the man behind the counter, Rupert. Why? You may be asking... Because he and his Hello Deli are frequently featured on the TV show of their neighbor, David Letterman.

    Evidently, this makes him a real bona fide celebrity these days! Seriously, people get giddy around him, and have difficulty speaking, like he's Brad Pitt (or fill in the A-list celebrity of your choice). In shy squeaky voices, they ask if they can get a picture with him. And I, as a kind bystander, ask if they want me to take it for them so they can both be in the photo. So I use my professional photographic skills to snap one with their disposable. Rupert even has his own merchandise, including caps and shirts with his face, which he signs with a big black sharpie. The whole scene is very amusing.

    Truth is, I think it would take a lot for me to be star struck. A lot being, Angelina Jolie(who my coworker spotted down the street from where I work a few weeks ago with her babies). I think she's about it at the moment. Between my experiences working on a TV show, and for a talent agency, I had to get over that really fast. But, do really all that many people think Rupert is autograph worthy? Obviously they do. This hasn't happened just once or twice, but at least 10 times. Every time I walk into the place. He says it's nonstop. It cracks me up.

    Then, I take my chicken salad on wheat, and return to my regularly scheduled day.
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    Friday, September 16, 2005

    It's All Inside

    My weekly Weight Watchers meetings are held in an interesting location... the employee room of a JC Penney store. I do not usually frequent JC Penney. In fact, the last time I was in one was probably when I was 14 and I was a model for a "back to school" fashion show, for which I was forced to wear one of the more hideous outfits of my life. Tapered black Silk pants, and a pink baby tee with a big flower on it. Yikes!

    But today as I walked across the store, I really took a moment to look around. The commercials say "it's all inside." But, I wondered, what is the "it" to which they are referring?

    First, after walking past a few brightly colored 1/2 sized beds, I entered the main part of the store, and was struck by an overwhelming urge to sing. Not just to sing, but to belt out Tis the season to be joll... WHA??? I did a double take... It was Christmas, in September! And not just a small display, but 4 huge trees, 3 life sized wooden nutcrackers, 1/2 of a life sized Santa (the upper half), stockings, ornaments, wreaths, the whole nine yards. This year went fast, but not that fast! Seriously, when did it get to be the holiday season? What happened to Halloween? Thanksgiving? Anyone?

    The next thing I noticed, was a huge display of "As seen on TV" items, including the Ab Lounge 2, the Next Grilleration George Foreman, the Laser Straight, and the Smart Spin: Just slide, spin, and store! The thing that got me was, if you saw it on TV and just had to have it, wouldn't you buy it off the TV? Or do most people think, I'm going to have to run to JC Penney to buy that. Of course they will have it, because it's all inside there.

    I wanted to keep perusing, but I didn't want to be late for my meeting, especially because I knew I was going to get my 5 pound bookmark (I don't get it either). So, I never got the chance to figure out what the "it" really is... Any ideas?

    W.W. -1.6, -6.4 total
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    Thursday, September 15, 2005

    Horny animals

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    Wednesday, September 14, 2005

    Maggie Moo versus the Skinny Cow

    When I went to the mall the other day to see the very funny movie "40 Year Old Virgin," I ran into none other than Miss Maggie Moo the cow herself, right outside Maggie Moo's Ice Cream and Treatery. She looked pretty much as she does in this picture, but in a mall. Cute... Don't you think?

    Wow, I thought, that's a skinny cow... not THE Skinny Cow, but a skinny cow. So, there must be some lo-fat, non-fat, or no sugar added options, right? Wrong... To my surprise, there was none of that. Only fatty fat options.

    Like with Cold Stone Creamery, Maggie Moo's customers can choose from mix-ins like cookie dough or Oreos which the servers then fold into the ice cream. But, at least Cold Stone has a flavor called "Sinless Sweet Cream"(which is only 2 points on Weight Watchers in the "Like it" size). Come on, Maggie Moos... Get with the picture. It's a "dieters world" out there. And right here, for that matter.

    And for what it's worth, Miss Skinny Cow would totally whip Maggie Moo's tail in an Ice Cream wrestling match between the two. Oooh, that actually sounds pretty fun, and delicious, and like a good workout! I'm game... As long as it's "Sinless."
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    Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    Toothpaste Wars

    There are two kinds of people... Squeezers and Rollers.

    The Squeezers' technique involves pressing the thumb and forefinger anywhere in the middle of the toothpaste tube, with pressure generally propelling a large glob of paste onto the brush. When the toothpaste gets low, Squeezers then crinkle the tube in an attempt to force out the paste hiding in the odd bumps and ridges. Sometimes, they will even scrunch and wring to the point of strangling the defenseless tube.

    Rollers, on the other hand, take more time and care with their pasting. Each day, they neatly roll the back end of the tube and push the paste evenly up towards the spout. Then, when the paste eventually gets low, there is no work involved in extracting the last licks of paste. These people tend to be somewhat anal at times, and a bit obsessive compulsive.

    I, myself, am a Roller from way back. My boyfriend, however, is a hard core Squeezer. Thus, we have... The Toothpaste War. A daily power struggle. A battle for control of the Colgate Total.

    And the fact is, I'm weakening. I'm beginning to give in. It is just so disheartening when I do all that work to get the paste even across and rolled onto the one side of the tube, and then the next morning I wake to find a big thumb imprint in the middle, and paste pushed out in every direction. Sigh... So recently I have found myself, dare I say, succumbing to The Man.

    Should I just throw in the tissue on this one, and give up altogether? Or is this what people are talking about when they say relationships involve compromise? And you... Which side of the war are you on?
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    Sunday, September 11, 2005

    September 11, 2005: View from Jersey City

    I just took these photos outside my apartment building...

    Pictures really can say more than words...
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    It hit close to home...

    Earlier tonight, I went outside to walk my dog Audrey, as I do every night. But tonight was different. Tonight, I saw lights shooting up into the sky from downtown Manhattan. Tonight, I was transported back...

    September 11, 2001: It was just months after my dad died of ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease, and I was in one of my worst states of depression (the "D" word, I despise). Just days before, I had a severe panic attack, during which I ended up hurting my hand and having to spend two nights in the hospital.

    Sept. 10th was my first night home from the hospital, and I was still doped up on pain meds, when my roomie Lauren ran in saying something about the city and an attack, and she ushered me out in front of our old barely working, black and white television. We had it rigged with tin-foil "bunny ears," so we could get exactly one channel, a fuzzy black and white version of Fox. Kneeling down, in a medicated daze, squinting to try and make out what I could on the screen...

    That's when I saw it, sort of.

    Faces and names of family and friends in downtown Manhattan flashed through my head, in what I can only call a clear blur. And to this day, that week is a clear blur in my memory. Unbelievable. Unimaginable. Unescapable.
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    Saturday, September 10, 2005

    Beauty Sales: A thing of beauty

    Another great thing about working in a building with numerous magazines, is something known as: the Beauty Sale.

    During a magazine's Beauty Sale, many of the samples sent to the magazine are sold at ridiculously low prices to employees and friends, and then the profits all go to charity. Seriously... what better excuse is there to go shopping, than for charity? And the profits today were all going to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    So, as any good girl would, I ran over to make my "contribution." I bought several Mac lip glosses, in shades like Morning Glory and Adventurous, as well as Stila sheer color tinted moisturizer, a shadow, and a lancome lip pencil.

    Even though I had already donated to the American Red Cross... I felt it was my duty to continue supporting the cause (and work on looking good while I'm doing it)!
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    Friday, September 09, 2005

    Mmmmmac 'n cheese

    I don't know what it is about Mac and Cheese that is just so dern lovable! Tonight I had Mac and Cheese for dinner. And when I say Mac and Cheese, I mean the only kind of Mac and Cheese I can get away with on Weight Watchers (unless 2 noodles magically jump into my plastic container at the salad/hot food bar). But, I'm talking about the frozen "Smart Ones" or "Lean Cuisines," whichever one happened to be on sale. Truth is, they are really not all that bad, and they don't make my tuchus swell up just by looking at it.

    Mac and Cheese and I go way back. We had some good times back in the day. And I still feel like a kid every time I eat it. The sad thing is that I don't even know when the last time I had "real" Mac and Cheese was, and by "real" I mean either home made(from a restaurant, not home home made) OR even from a box. But, I do appreciate the hint of Mac and Cheese that I get from my diet versions. At least I can still dream about the real warm gooey deliciousness melting in my mouth. Okay, I have to stop now. I am starting to drool...

    This post is for my big sister, who taught me to love and appreciate Mac and Cheese, hopefully for a smile before going to the doctor... Love you.
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    Photo Friday: Massive

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    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    A poke is just a poke

    It is amazing how poker can really bring out the worst in people. A little bit of "friendly" competition, and faces and noises can erupt from your closest friends that you have never seen or heard before.

    For instance, there is the red faced, tight jawed, pout lipped pucker, as well as the ever-popular death glare, often called the evil eye, which between lovers is the you're not gonna get any tonight glare. Then, there is the nervous nail-biter peek, the eye-darting scan, the serious face-study survey, and the most dangerous of all... the piercing probe. Now that one is generally saved for when someone is really out for blood, and is the kind of face that if you saw it in a non-poker setting, would probably just look like they smelled something nasty.

    That said, I won at poker last night. There were seven of us, and I got to take home the big pot of 20 buckaroos. Exciting, eh? That should just about cover my lunch today: one small salad in mid-town.
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    Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    Quick thought about moms

    I admire moms.

    I really admire moms who carry screaming three year olds around in the subway, while wearing three inch heels!

    Seriously... I see it, but I don't believe it. I can barely get through a three hour party in high heels, carrying nothing but my tush around. And I can guarantee you that my tush is where I'd end up if I was trying to walk around the city and/or chase a toddler around in high heels.

    But if you can do it... More power to you. You will look incredibly sexy as spit-up is drizzling down the defined curves of your traffic-stopping calves.
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    Monday, September 05, 2005

    Passing the Bar (Mitzvah)

    Went to a Bar Mitzvah for the first time since I was of that age. It was for the beau's cousin. Here are some of the highlights...

    -Pigs in blankets and other small puffed pastry appetizer.
    -Using "I'm going to take photos" for the second time in two weeks as an excuse to not do the hora.
    -Getting a second wear out of my new dress, and not wearing stockings again.
    -DJ hosted games (including "Coke and Pepsi") with blinking neon prizes (reminded me of the days of yore).
    -Drinking two Apple Martinis with the beau's Mom, or as she says, "Ti Martoonis."
    -Avoiding being slammed into by 13 year old boys on sugar highs, who were swinging each other around on the dance floor.
    -After hearing "Cotton Eye Joe" at all the Yankee games, seeing the dance moves that go with it.
    -Finding out that one of the "crazy Aunts" is a klepto, and then watching her take things (mints and sewing kit and such) from the bathroom party basket and put them into her purse.
    -And my favorite... Another one of the "crazy Aunts" (who is 91 years young) saying to me (after having a lei put on her as the "Conga" train passed), "That's not the kind of lay I need! Oy, am I horrible? I'm horrible..."

    Yes, she actually said that!

    Anyone else have a memorable weekend or Bar/Bat Mitzvah memories to share?
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    Saturday, September 03, 2005

    Things that make me go RRRRGGGHHH!

    I am currently working on being a less reactive person, and more proactive... but certain situations, especially from my daily subway rides, are proving to be quite a challenge in my quest for growth. These are some of those things...

    1. Eyeing pictures or paintings hanging crookedly on walls
    2. People who don't stand to the right on escalators
    3. Sweat stains (except post workout)
    4. People who clip their nails on the train and then brush the clippings on the floor
    5. Dull razors
    6. Toilet paper rolls put on upside down
    7. People who don't give up their subway seat for pregnant women
    8. Finding out I had stuff in my teeth or an open fly and nobody told me
    9. People who don't turn off their phone sound while play games on the subway
    10. No clean sexy/confident underwear (forcing a granny panty or thong sort of day)

    and this is not even touching on the political idiocy that get me going... What makes your blood start to boil?
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    Friday, September 02, 2005

    Photo Friday: Order

    Yours truly, is joining in on Photo Friday, the weekly photo challenge. Each week photo friday chooses a theme. Viewers vote between Friday and Sunday, on the challenge from the week before. And the 6 most popular links appear on their site, in the upper right hand corner "Noteworthy" box, for the week. That's about it. Check it out, if you want. I'm "Jersey girl."
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    Gays caused Katrina?

    I am so upset about this, I can barely form words. After reading A True Jersey Girl's most recent post, I went to I was greeted by a page with an American flag, and two links. CHRISTIANS: ENTER HERE, and ALL OTHERS: ENTER HERE. I clicked "OTHERS" and was taken to a page called "Are you good Enough to get into Heaven?" But this is not what is making me on the verge of tears at work. On their home page, under Press Release, there is an "article" called HURRICANE KATRINA DESTROYS NEW ORLEANS DAYS BEFORE "SOUTHERN DECADENCE"
    It begins...
    "NEW ORLEANS - Just days before "Southern Decadence", an annual homosexual celebration attracting tens of thousands of people to the French Quarters section of New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina destroys the city..."
    And it goes on from there. This is not a joke. It really scares me that people can think this way. I wanted to write them a letter of disgust, but their e-mail contact has been disabled from volume of e-mail... hopefully hate mail. And I am someone who doesn't even like to use the word hate usually.
    It ended with...
    "Let us not forget that the citizens of New Orleans tolerated and welcomed the wickedness in their city for so long," Marcavage (director of Repent America) said. "May this act of God cause us all to think about what we tolerate in our city limits, and bring us trembling before the throne of Almighty God," Marcavage concluded.
    "[God] sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust." (Matthew 5:45)

    How could anyone possibly think this is what God intended? I'm just speechless...
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    A ditty for your day

    I wanted to start "Photo Friday" today, but I forgot that I cannot upload images to my blog from my work computer, so that will have to wait until this evening. In the meantime, I will sing you a song...

    There she was, just a 'walkin' down the street singin'
    do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do
    Snappin' her fingers and shufflin' her feet singin'
    do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do

    She looked good (looked good!), she looked fine (looked fine!)
    She looked good, she looked fine, and I nearly lost my mind...

    Okay, your turn... Anyone want to get another song stuck in my head? Just not the Fanta song please... oops, too late. And how about this long weekend... I have to go to a Bar Mitzvah. At least I get a second wear out of my fun new dress! Any fun plans to share?
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    Thursday, September 01, 2005

    Hot crossed buns

    I have weight watchers today after work, and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm feeling a bit puffy between the wedding last weekend, and the obligatory "someone's leaving" office party.
    Mmmm... I could really go for some sticky buns right about now.

    UPDATE: Didn't gain... actually down half a pound.
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