Wednesday, January 17, 2007

4 eyes and a dream

With the new year, comes a new old look for this Jersey girl...

It's taking me a while to adjust back to glasses though. The unfamiliar fuzziness at the bottom of my view keeps making me feel like I'm going to fall. I'll be rushing down steps into the subway, and suddenly have to grab onto the railing. Or I'll find myself taking big phantom steps, like I'm stepping over a big hole, when I'm clearly walking on flat ground. I keep trying to play it off, but I am just not smooth. I'll be fine though, eventually, as long as I don't fall on my face and break them before I get adjusted.

At least I can take comfort in the 30 day "happiness guarantee" provided by LensCrafters. I love it. I wish that everything would come with such a guarantee. Haircuts, dates, jobs... I mean, wouldn't it be amazing, 29 days into employment, being able to say... "this is not really working for me, the whole phone thing, how 'bout we try something else?"

Yes, that would be nice, but for the moment, I will be content with my new frames, the happiness guarantee at LensCrafters... and my own version of the happiness guarantee that I will be implementing in my home. It's true, because after all, as the Crafters say, we all deserve to be 100% satisfied.
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