Saturday, November 03, 2007

halloween nyc-style

This Halloween I had my first experience with the spectacular NYC Village Halloween Parade. For those who have never been or don't know, it is total craziness. 6th Avenue becomes a mass of drunk, high, costumed, sometimes naked, freaks... And this year, I was one such freak.

Unfortunately, I wasn't drunk or costumed (or high or naked). I was the paparazzi. I think I mentioned that I have been taking a location and event photography class, well, the final session was last Wednesday, and it took place at the parade. Before I left work, I bundled up, not knowing that it would turn out to be a perfectly crisp but not cold autumn evening. I switched to a small purse for necessities and my smallest camera bag, containing nothing more than a camera, one lens, and a flash, and I was off. My class met up near 6th and 17th, where we were supposed to be capturing the parade. The only problem was that there were four rows of people in front of us, and with me being a shorty and all, I couldn't see a thing. By 15 minutes in I was totally frustrated, as were two other shorty girls, so we left in search of the perfect shot (photo shot, not drink shot, although that would have been nice).

We wandered down 7th towards the heart of it all, Christopher Street. By the time we got there, the parade had well passed, and chaos ensued, which was fabulous for photos, but not-so-great for someone who hates smooshy crowds and being pushed, or the pregnant girl I was with. I have no idea how there were people there with little children and babies. What were they thinking? One girl I was with actually had a guy grab her hand and put it on his package, and the other (the pregnant one) got egged. Seriously. Thankfully it was just the back of her shoe that got splattered, but she was pissed nonetheless because they were brand new black Uggs. Bummer.

I'm glad I experienced it though. There were really fun and exciting moments, and I ended up with some fab photos, especially of fabulous drag queens, masked adventurers, and gory accident victims.

Next year, however, I'll be glad to be back home comfy and cozy handing out candy to local treaters to the sound of the Great Pumpkin.
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