Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Smell my hands...

What is it about that pink soap in public bathrooms that smells so nasty?

And not just for a few minutes... I can smell that harsh scent on my skin for the rest of the day. And the packaging claims that it is a floral aroma!? Yeah, right. If by floral they mean metallic, then yes, it smells floral.

And what I find even more disturbing, is that it is not only intended for use on hands, but according to some labels, dishes and clothes as well. What could possibly be in this opaque pink liquid that could get both my hands and my intimates clean?

I wonder if the makers of this soap get excited about their pink liquid soap? Evidently they do, because one brand claims that theirs is a "luxurious, thick bodied cleanser that lathers quickly and easily to penetrate and remove a wide range of mild to heavy industrial soil." Sounds to me like that was written by someone who really appreciates their pink liquid soap.

I'm a Purell girl myself. Can't get enough of the hand sanitizer. I keep one in my desk at work and often a small one in my purse. At home, I stick with Softsoap antibacterial clear liquid soap. Truth is, I'm a sucker for a cute soap dispenser with ladybugs or geckos...

As long as it's not pink. Any color, except pink.
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