Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Reveal the goddess in you

I have an announcement to make... after years of using standard disposable razors, I have just entered the world of the Venus.

I used to think that spending $7 on a razor was silly when I could spend a few bucks and get a whole bag of razors. Boy oh boy, was I mistaken. The Venus by Gillette for Women has a pivoting rounded head with three blades surrounded by soft protective cushions. One of the protective strips even has Aloe and Vitamin E, and the blue color fades when you should switch the blade.

My previous method of determining the life of a razor, was to leave it sitting in the shower for months and months until it got overwhelmingly rusty, and then a few weeks later, possibly get rid of it. I know, gross. But, those days are gone, I tell you. Gone indeed, thanks to my Venus.

I never knew I could feel so smooth and sexy, just from a good shave.

Between the new scale , the new showerhead, and now the new Venus... I don't know if I'll ever want to leave my bathroom.
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