Sunday, September 18, 2005

Roses really smell like poo oooh oooh

I have something to admit... I secretly dislike red roses.

It's true. I find them to be rather boring. Don't get me wrong, the romantic thought behind them being given as a gift is incredibly sweet and priceless, so I greatly appreciate them for that reason. But truthfully, I find red roses in general to be trite, unoriginal, and way too expensive (for those good velvety roses).

I just think that if someone is going to spend 70, 100, 200... dollars on a gift, I'd rather get some cute earrings or something that I can hang onto for a while, and won't die without me tending to it. I mean, you could get diamonds cheaper than some red rose bouquets!

If you have to go with flowers, I would opt for something catered to the recipient, like lavender for someone who loves France. Also for any occasion (or no occasion at all), I don't think you can go wrong with a simple, sexy, and always sophisticated all-white bouquet including lilies (pretty much anything white except carnations or "baby's breath"), or perhaps a fun and racy brightly colored arrangement of exotic and unique flowers. Or even, dare I say, a plant... Something that won't die right away.

A few months ago, when my mother came over and saw a huge display of 2 dozen dead roses in a vase on my table, she asked if I had been changing the water everyday. What? I was shocked. I'm supposed to do daily chores to keep my present looking good? That's so not going to happen. It's just not worth it to me. And then I end up keeping freaky looking dead flowers around that look like something out of a Tim Burton movie.

What can I say? I probably sound like an unappreciative bitch, but I'm just laying it out there for you. I love the sentiment, but roses just don't do it for me... Am I alone in this feeling?
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