Saturday, September 10, 2005

Beauty Sales: A thing of beauty

Another great thing about working in a building with numerous magazines, is something known as: the Beauty Sale.

During a magazine's Beauty Sale, many of the samples sent to the magazine are sold at ridiculously low prices to employees and friends, and then the profits all go to charity. Seriously... what better excuse is there to go shopping, than for charity? And the profits today were all going to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

So, as any good girl would, I ran over to make my "contribution." I bought several Mac lip glosses, in shades like Morning Glory and Adventurous, as well as Stila sheer color tinted moisturizer, a shadow, and a lancome lip pencil.

Even though I had already donated to the American Red Cross... I felt it was my duty to continue supporting the cause (and work on looking good while I'm doing it)!
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