Monday, December 31, 2007

that's a wrap

2007 year in review...

Favorite day: May 5th
Worst day: July 18th
Favorite flicks: waitress, volver, once
Favorite books: hp and the deathly hallows, eat love pray (in progress)
Days I remembered to take multivitamin: 3
Weddings attended: 4
Weddings in which I was the bride: 1
Times seen or mentioned in a magazine (excluding masthead): 3
Lbs lost: 30
Lbs gained after said lbs were lost: 15
Margaritas to thank: 42
Hair colors: 3
Times evacuated office building by the steps: 4
Steam pipe explosions from which I had to run: 1
Vacations: 2
Interviews: 5
Job offers accepted: 1

...And that brings us to the year's end. I start my new job later this week as photo editor extraordinaire.

Here's wishing you warmth, passion, inspiration, strength, laughter, and much to celebrate in 2008!
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