Monday, September 05, 2005

Passing the Bar (Mitzvah)

Went to a Bar Mitzvah for the first time since I was of that age. It was for the beau's cousin. Here are some of the highlights...

-Pigs in blankets and other small puffed pastry appetizer.
-Using "I'm going to take photos" for the second time in two weeks as an excuse to not do the hora.
-Getting a second wear out of my new dress, and not wearing stockings again.
-DJ hosted games (including "Coke and Pepsi") with blinking neon prizes (reminded me of the days of yore).
-Drinking two Apple Martinis with the beau's Mom, or as she says, "Ti Martoonis."
-Avoiding being slammed into by 13 year old boys on sugar highs, who were swinging each other around on the dance floor.
-After hearing "Cotton Eye Joe" at all the Yankee games, seeing the dance moves that go with it.
-Finding out that one of the "crazy Aunts" is a klepto, and then watching her take things (mints and sewing kit and such) from the bathroom party basket and put them into her purse.
-And my favorite... Another one of the "crazy Aunts" (who is 91 years young) saying to me (after having a lei put on her as the "Conga" train passed), "That's not the kind of lay I need! Oy, am I horrible? I'm horrible..."

Yes, she actually said that!

Anyone else have a memorable weekend or Bar/Bat Mitzvah memories to share?
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