Monday, December 31, 2007

that's a wrap

2007 year in review...

Favorite day: May 5th
Worst day: July 18th
Favorite flicks: waitress, volver, once
Favorite books: hp and the deathly hallows, eat love pray (in progress)
Days I remembered to take multivitamin: 3
Weddings attended: 4
Weddings in which I was the bride: 1
Times seen or mentioned in a magazine (excluding masthead): 3
Lbs lost: 30
Lbs gained after said lbs were lost: 15
Margaritas to thank: 42
Hair colors: 3
Times evacuated office building by the steps: 4
Steam pipe explosions from which I had to run: 1
Vacations: 2
Interviews: 5
Job offers accepted: 1

...And that brings us to the year's end. I start my new job later this week as photo editor extraordinaire.

Here's wishing you warmth, passion, inspiration, strength, laughter, and much to celebrate in 2008!
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

it's a good excuse, i swear...

Things have been pretty hectic in my world lately, and it hasn't been anything I could blog about... hence the lack of blogging. The biggest news though I can finally share... I gave my notice at work! I'm going to be heading to another magazine starting in the new year to be the Photo Editor there. Should be an exciting new endeavor, with lots more responsibilities and creative potential. I can't wait! It'll be sad though leaving my current mag. I've only been there for two years (my anniversary was last Thursday), but I'm really feeling sentimental.

The day after I gave my notice we had our magazine holiday party. It was at Tortilla Flats this year, a fun tex/mex place in Greenwich Village. I had yummy sangria and margaritas, but was forced to wear neon necklace things, which made it feel more like a kid's bar mitzvah than an adult work party. At least the drinks and delish mexican food made up for it. Best part was watching my coworkers try to hula hoop after several hours of drinking. Hilarious. I'll truly miss this crew. Especially a few of my coworkers with whom I've become really close, but hopefully we'll keep up our girls nights out!
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