Sunday, July 31, 2005

number two

no, this posting will not be about bodily functions.
but body function-ing, in a way.
i have been working out with a personal trainer,
but i am not doing a great job
on my own in between. am thinking
of going back to weight watchers too.
in the last 4 years I have gained
and lost over 35 pounds...
and now i must lose it again,
hopefully in a healthy way.
no pills
no food deprivation
it sucks.
people keep telling me
i'm supposed to "enjoy the process,"
and i'm like,
you enjoy the process... i'll enjoy the process
of sinking my teeth
into a big slice of pizza.
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Saturday, July 30, 2005


So... this is my bloggsperiment. I mean, why not give it a go?

I guess I'll start out with a bit about me...

Born and raised in New Jersey, in the suburbs outside NYC. Left for a few years to study Cinema/Photo in Ithaca, NY and then to live the glam life in LA for a few years, where I worked in Film and TV, and in the exciting world of Talent Management.

But surprisingly, that didn't do it for me.

Love, family, and a magnetic force drew me back to the East Coast. So I packed up the X-Terra, and my shelter dog, Audrey, a long-haired chihuahua mix who I adopted in LA, and made the trek cross-country with my beau Adam (who happened to be one of my two dearest friends in college-- I love me some Lauren too!), to wake up everyday to a view of the Statue of Liberty.

Now, I commute across the Hudson to work (yes, I am one of those), where I spend my days as the "Photo Fairy" at a certain media queen's 2nd magazine. And doing my own photography on the side (if anyone knows of anyone who needs a photographer in NY/NJ area for portraits or events or whatever, let's get it going). And that's where I'm at...
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