Saturday, September 03, 2005

Things that make me go RRRRGGGHHH!

I am currently working on being a less reactive person, and more proactive... but certain situations, especially from my daily subway rides, are proving to be quite a challenge in my quest for growth. These are some of those things...

1. Eyeing pictures or paintings hanging crookedly on walls
2. People who don't stand to the right on escalators
3. Sweat stains (except post workout)
4. People who clip their nails on the train and then brush the clippings on the floor
5. Dull razors
6. Toilet paper rolls put on upside down
7. People who don't give up their subway seat for pregnant women
8. Finding out I had stuff in my teeth or an open fly and nobody told me
9. People who don't turn off their phone sound while play games on the subway
10. No clean sexy/confident underwear (forcing a granny panty or thong sort of day)

and this is not even touching on the political idiocy that get me going... What makes your blood start to boil?
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