Saturday, September 17, 2005

For pickles and giggles

Sometimes when I am having a rough day at work, like today, I head across the street to the Hello Deli, for lunch and a laugh.

Walking into this particular establishment is like walking into a large closet, filled with boxes and a variety of characters. The funny thing is that people travel long distances just to come to this "deli," and have their picture taken with the man behind the counter, Rupert. Why? You may be asking... Because he and his Hello Deli are frequently featured on the TV show of their neighbor, David Letterman.

Evidently, this makes him a real bona fide celebrity these days! Seriously, people get giddy around him, and have difficulty speaking, like he's Brad Pitt (or fill in the A-list celebrity of your choice). In shy squeaky voices, they ask if they can get a picture with him. And I, as a kind bystander, ask if they want me to take it for them so they can both be in the photo. So I use my professional photographic skills to snap one with their disposable. Rupert even has his own merchandise, including caps and shirts with his face, which he signs with a big black sharpie. The whole scene is very amusing.

Truth is, I think it would take a lot for me to be star struck. A lot being, Angelina Jolie(who my coworker spotted down the street from where I work a few weeks ago with her babies). I think she's about it at the moment. Between my experiences working on a TV show, and for a talent agency, I had to get over that really fast. But, do really all that many people think Rupert is autograph worthy? Obviously they do. This hasn't happened just once or twice, but at least 10 times. Every time I walk into the place. He says it's nonstop. It cracks me up.

Then, I take my chicken salad on wheat, and return to my regularly scheduled day.
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