Friday, September 16, 2005

It's All Inside

My weekly Weight Watchers meetings are held in an interesting location... the employee room of a JC Penney store. I do not usually frequent JC Penney. In fact, the last time I was in one was probably when I was 14 and I was a model for a "back to school" fashion show, for which I was forced to wear one of the more hideous outfits of my life. Tapered black Silk pants, and a pink baby tee with a big flower on it. Yikes!

But today as I walked across the store, I really took a moment to look around. The commercials say "it's all inside." But, I wondered, what is the "it" to which they are referring?

First, after walking past a few brightly colored 1/2 sized beds, I entered the main part of the store, and was struck by an overwhelming urge to sing. Not just to sing, but to belt out Tis the season to be joll... WHA??? I did a double take... It was Christmas, in September! And not just a small display, but 4 huge trees, 3 life sized wooden nutcrackers, 1/2 of a life sized Santa (the upper half), stockings, ornaments, wreaths, the whole nine yards. This year went fast, but not that fast! Seriously, when did it get to be the holiday season? What happened to Halloween? Thanksgiving? Anyone?

The next thing I noticed, was a huge display of "As seen on TV" items, including the Ab Lounge 2, the Next Grilleration George Foreman, the Laser Straight, and the Smart Spin: Just slide, spin, and store! The thing that got me was, if you saw it on TV and just had to have it, wouldn't you buy it off the TV? Or do most people think, I'm going to have to run to JC Penney to buy that. Of course they will have it, because it's all inside there.

I wanted to keep perusing, but I didn't want to be late for my meeting, especially because I knew I was going to get my 5 pound bookmark (I don't get it either). So, I never got the chance to figure out what the "it" really is... Any ideas?

W.W. -1.6, -6.4 total
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