Thursday, September 08, 2005

A poke is just a poke

It is amazing how poker can really bring out the worst in people. A little bit of "friendly" competition, and faces and noises can erupt from your closest friends that you have never seen or heard before.

For instance, there is the red faced, tight jawed, pout lipped pucker, as well as the ever-popular death glare, often called the evil eye, which between lovers is the you're not gonna get any tonight glare. Then, there is the nervous nail-biter peek, the eye-darting scan, the serious face-study survey, and the most dangerous of all... the piercing probe. Now that one is generally saved for when someone is really out for blood, and is the kind of face that if you saw it in a non-poker setting, would probably just look like they smelled something nasty.

That said, I won at poker last night. There were seven of us, and I got to take home the big pot of 20 buckaroos. Exciting, eh? That should just about cover my lunch today: one small salad in mid-town.
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