Saturday, December 30, 2006

yee-haw-ly night

Our magazine holiday party was at the Rodeo Bar this year, and I learned several important things...I learned that beer cans make great ornaments.I learned that margaritas make me loopy. Very loopy.And I learned that coworkers+karaoke=hilarious entertainment!
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Monday, December 25, 2006

sometimes the holiday season can be a dizzy whirl

My Christmas Eve was spent in an ER. An animal ER. While I was out at the movies, Audrey decided to rummage through my purse and snack on some chocolate. Not just any chocolate. Dark raspberry filled Godiva chocolate. She's got fancy taste. As a holiday present for the magazine, Godiva had given us a huge box of their new line of chocolates to sample, about 2'x3' worth, and they had been refilling it for the last four weeks. I tried to stay away from the box (after sampling some the first day), but decided to bring a bar home for the man. Unfortunately, the dog got to it first. She had only bit into a small portion, maybe an ounce or two, but with it being dark chocolate and with her being a bitty thing of 10.5 pounds, we didn't want to take any chances. We called the vet and they referred us to an emergency center. It should have taken us about half an hour to get there, but we probably made it in half that time. The place and the people there were very nice, and took good care of Audrey. The doctor ended up giving her a shot to make her throw up, and some activated charcoal. Yes, charcoal. So, poor Audrey got coal for Christmas. How grinchy of them. It was a scary (and expensive) ordeal, and needless to say, there will be no more chocolate in my home, but the important thing is that she is okay, and back to her cuddly lovable self.
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Saturday, December 23, 2006

why i can't celebrate x-mas

No, it's not just because I'm Jewish. It's because if a large man in a puffy suit even tried to enter my house, be it by fireplace or by front door, my sweet little dream of a dog would turn into a little devil and attack. I can see it now... red fabric frayed and flying, patten leather squeaking, and white hair tufts floating to rest on top of the television.

Not a pretty sight.

I guess I will have to settle for a lifetime of Chinese food and movies on Christmas with the rest of the Jews.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

have I mentioned how much I love jet blue?

The personal televisions are such a wonderful luxury that it almost made up for the fact that my flight to West Palm was delayed for two hours last Friday. Almost. I had four days left that I had to take off of work before the end of the year or I would lose them, so I went to soak up the sun and visit my mom (and my cat) at their winter villa in Florida. I got to see my mom and the little prince Yogi...But alas, the sun was nowhere to be found. It was rainy, gray, and gross for the first two days, during which time I saw the underwhelming Pursuit of Happyness. Zzzzzzz. Snoore. Eventually, however, the sun came out...I got to play outside, do a bit of shopping, and check out the Marilyn Monroe exhibit at the museum in Boca. I even got to indulge in a bit of poolside lounging yesterday...Overall, it was a great getaway. I just wish the trip (and my tan) lasted more than a few days.
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Saturday, December 09, 2006

sex and beef

Today, after enjoying a cute film called Kinky Boots, I did my weekly check of the new Netflix releases, and came across one called MAD COWGIRL.
With a name like that, I had to click it. The description was as follows...

Director Gregory Hatanaka's twisted thriller stars Sarah Lassez as Therese, a health inspector whose progressively delusional psyche leads her on a surreal -- and bloody -- odyssey. To cope with her marital split, Therese takes up with a slimy televangelist (Walter Koenig), indulges her appetites for sex and beef, and obsesses over a kung fu TV show. Meanwhile, her meat packer brother (James Duval) may have infected her with mad cow disease.

Seriously??? As much as I appreciate sex and beef, I don't think I can bring myself to add it to the queue. Even with the tagline, "If You Eat It, You Will Be in Hell." But, if the sequel involves Therese moving to New Jersey, and getting back at her brother using killer green onions at Taco Bell, now that may be Netflix worthy.
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