Monday, December 25, 2006

sometimes the holiday season can be a dizzy whirl

My Christmas Eve was spent in an ER. An animal ER. While I was out at the movies, Audrey decided to rummage through my purse and snack on some chocolate. Not just any chocolate. Dark raspberry filled Godiva chocolate. She's got fancy taste. As a holiday present for the magazine, Godiva had given us a huge box of their new line of chocolates to sample, about 2'x3' worth, and they had been refilling it for the last four weeks. I tried to stay away from the box (after sampling some the first day), but decided to bring a bar home for the man. Unfortunately, the dog got to it first. She had only bit into a small portion, maybe an ounce or two, but with it being dark chocolate and with her being a bitty thing of 10.5 pounds, we didn't want to take any chances. We called the vet and they referred us to an emergency center. It should have taken us about half an hour to get there, but we probably made it in half that time. The place and the people there were very nice, and took good care of Audrey. The doctor ended up giving her a shot to make her throw up, and some activated charcoal. Yes, charcoal. So, poor Audrey got coal for Christmas. How grinchy of them. It was a scary (and expensive) ordeal, and needless to say, there will be no more chocolate in my home, but the important thing is that she is okay, and back to her cuddly lovable self.
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