Wednesday, December 20, 2006

have I mentioned how much I love jet blue?

The personal televisions are such a wonderful luxury that it almost made up for the fact that my flight to West Palm was delayed for two hours last Friday. Almost. I had four days left that I had to take off of work before the end of the year or I would lose them, so I went to soak up the sun and visit my mom (and my cat) at their winter villa in Florida. I got to see my mom and the little prince Yogi...But alas, the sun was nowhere to be found. It was rainy, gray, and gross for the first two days, during which time I saw the underwhelming Pursuit of Happyness. Zzzzzzz. Snoore. Eventually, however, the sun came out...I got to play outside, do a bit of shopping, and check out the Marilyn Monroe exhibit at the museum in Boca. I even got to indulge in a bit of poolside lounging yesterday...Overall, it was a great getaway. I just wish the trip (and my tan) lasted more than a few days.
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