Saturday, December 09, 2006

sex and beef

Today, after enjoying a cute film called Kinky Boots, I did my weekly check of the new Netflix releases, and came across one called MAD COWGIRL.
With a name like that, I had to click it. The description was as follows...

Director Gregory Hatanaka's twisted thriller stars Sarah Lassez as Therese, a health inspector whose progressively delusional psyche leads her on a surreal -- and bloody -- odyssey. To cope with her marital split, Therese takes up with a slimy televangelist (Walter Koenig), indulges her appetites for sex and beef, and obsesses over a kung fu TV show. Meanwhile, her meat packer brother (James Duval) may have infected her with mad cow disease.

Seriously??? As much as I appreciate sex and beef, I don't think I can bring myself to add it to the queue. Even with the tagline, "If You Eat It, You Will Be in Hell." But, if the sequel involves Therese moving to New Jersey, and getting back at her brother using killer green onions at Taco Bell, now that may be Netflix worthy.
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