Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Take me or leave me

Inspired by a song from the musical Rent (the movie version is opening this week!) and a bad habits post by Kate, I present you with the...

Not Your Typical Jersey Girl: Take me or leave me list.

1. I get overly confident and flirty when I drink
2. I am extremely sensual and tactile
3. I have a habitually messy closet
4. I have been know to give a death glare
5. I stop listening when someone is saying something i don't want to hear
6. I have sleep and weight issues
7. I'm not a morning person
8. I maintain high expectations for friends
9. I get pissed when people discuss movies I haven't seen
10. I am not sympathetic when people don't feel well from tummy aches or colds... deal with it.

and if you give a damn
take me baby
or leave me

What do you need to admit? If anyone else wants to do a "take me or leave me list," put the link in the following comments section and I will post it, or just let loose in the comments here... It's freeing!
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