Wednesday, November 16, 2005

When good hair styles go bad

It started off as a beautiful day... The temperature at my office was surprisingly comfortable. The majority of my coworkers were on location at a photo shoot, so I was not surrounded by any yelling or human stress balls. Two coworkers even invited me out to lunch for empanadas, a savory Spanish pastry I had never tried before, but ended up loving. Everything was great. And then it happened...

At 4:28PM, eastern standard time, I was making my way through the maze of narrow hallways stacked with boxes of magazines, supplies, and props, to the ladies room, when I looked in the mirror and saw a horrifying sight. My hair was in a very different state than how I had styled it in the morning. What was once a nice ponytail, had become a falling down flipped out behind my ears bumpy mess! My cheeks flushed as a feeling of embarrassment crept across my stomach. How long had my hair looked like that, I panicked, and why had no one said anything?

Did my empanada-loving coworkers invite me along just so they could gawk at the horrendous train wreck on top of my head? Did they start talking about me as soon as I walked away... Eeew, did you see Danielle's hair??? Or do they think I actually like my hair to look like an unkempt mane, and that I purposefully pull at my hair to make bumps?

Does this mean no one would tell me if I had spinach in my teeth or my zipper down? The horror. Maybe this all happened because my newly cleaned hairbrush is mad at me and put a curse on my hair. Or maybe the truth is that nobody gives a crap about how disheveled my hair looks, and I'm suffering from pms-induced paranoid... Whatever it is, I'm definitely bringing in a mirror to keep in my desk drawer from now on.
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