Friday, November 18, 2005

Nice earholes

"You have nice earholes," my sister exclaimed, as we were standing in a crowded elevator at the Museum of Natural History, "enjoy them, before they start to sag..."

It was definitely one of the strangest, and most thought provoking compliments I have ever received.

The compliment occurred during one of my sister's biannual visits from Texas. Our elevator conversation began about the gorgeous earrings our mom had made for us (with stones from her wedding ring from our father), and I was busy bitching about my fat earlobes, and how tight the earrings were because of them. "The earrings are supposed to hang down, but they barely lay flat and reach below my fat lobes... Do earlobes shrink when you lose weight?" I went on and on to no avail. She was way too intrigued by my perky holes. "Seriously, you have nice holes."

At first, I was happy to receive this compliment, but soon I began to worry because I like hanging earrings, especially chandeliers, which can be heavy. I have bunches of them from all over: kiosk craftsmen on the Santa Monica promenade, airport shops, street vendors in Manhattan near where I work. But my sister's comment freaked me out a bit. Now I keep staring at my lobes in the mirror and thinking, oh no, are they starting to sag? Will these earrings contribute to future earhole drooping? Should I be taking preventative measures to avoid the sag? What should I do?

Thanks Sis, now I am weighed down wondering if there is a way to prevent earring hole sagging, or if I should just accept that it is an unfortunate inevitability.
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