Sunday, November 06, 2005

My new toy

I have been having fun playing with one of my birthday presents, an alienbee photo light from the beau. At first, I thought these lights were a joke, the mini ipod of studio lights, because they come in colors like Martian Pink and Alien Green; but the truth is, they pack a powerful flash in a cute package.

Last Saturday, when my friends came over to celebrate, I put on a funky iTunes playlist, and after a few margaritas, I forced them to be my models. It was so fun to just be silly and take pictures.

Here is a shot I took of my brother Brian J, a musician in Brooklyn.

The timing of this present was perfect, by the way. I got a call on Wednesday to do a photo shoot for a magazine next week... So now they get me, and my Mello Yello Alienbee!
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