Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Victoria does Honeydew

When I was dressing for my Monday, I knew that I wanted that confident feeling that can only come from the right pair of underwear... But, as I was digging through my drawer, I found, to my dismay, not a pair of Honeydews in sight. I was beginning to pout, when my hand brushed up against something soft and silky.

What's this? I wondered as I pulled out a pair of black satin and lace v-front bikinis from Victoria's Secret that were hiding in the back of the drawer. With vague remembrance, I realized that they were the pair my mother had bought me several months ago. I know that must sound strange, sexy undies from the mom, but she had a gift card or something and decided to spend it on me (and what better way is there to spend, really?), and then I went and lost them in the back of a messy drawer. I'm so inconsiderate. But they were found nonetheless, and on the morning when I wanted a confidence boost. I slipped them on, and they felt perfect. Per-fect. They were smooth and comfy against my skin, laying perfectly flat, and not digging in anywhere. I knew it was going to be a good day.

And, indeed, it was. So after work, I decided to go to the Victoria's Secret website, to see if I could buy more, when what did I see? But mesh with lace trim panties that look exactly like my beloved Honeydews! WHA???

My first reaction when I saw the similar skivvies was anger, How dare they steal the Honeydew design? But then I thought about how this could work to my advantage. The more widespread the style is, the cheaper the price will get, right? And as soon as I saw the fetching purple mesh number shown above with black lace trim, I was sold. I knew I would not be able to resist the temptation of the VS. Is it so wrong to succumb? Should I be loyal to my Dews?

I'm sorry Honeydew, I still love and appreciate how sexy and confident you make me feel... and you will always be the first mesh and lace in my collection, but these are cheaper when you buy 3 pairs, and there are new colors to try, so how can I not be drawn back to Vicky's? I hope you will understand...
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