Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On radioactive butterflies and John Mayer

It's my first night switching from the sleeping aide Ambien to Lunesta.

My new doctor recommended the switch, and the commercials with those strange glowing butterflies did look rather relaxing, so I figured, why not? And it's fun to say... Loooo-nesss-ta. It sounds kinda sexy. I like the way it feels in my mouth to on chew it's syllables. The way my tongue forms it's consonants and vowels, Lunesta. Much better than its technical name, Eszopliclone (es-zoe-PIK-lone). Yeah, I'd take a good lunesta over an eszopliclone any day.

But, it has been an hour and I am already experiencing some of the more strange side effects, including "unpleasant taste." I've never experienced such an effect, and I have, unfortunately, had to take quite a few meds. It tastes like chalk in the back of my mouth, and not from the actual taking of the pill ages ago. And, let me point out the obvious, I am NOT sleeping. I am also not typing very well. Thank you, spellcheck! I am feeling the expected woozoooziness and drowsiness, but no actual sleeping is happening when I lay down. I'm just staring at the shadows and shapes on the ceiling, licking my puckered lips, while pondering the strange taste in my mouth. My coordination is a little off as well, I must admit, I walked into a closet door as I was heading into the bedroom, but that also may have had to do with the fact that the lights were off and the door was left open. And memory problems? Well, we'll see in the morning if I even remember writing this post.

They should have a "do not use Blogger" warning on the label of the bottle... The word verification is especially challenging at the moment. Okay, I'm off to try to sleep again.

But first, I just want to reassure you that I will not be operating any heavy machinery in the near future...
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