Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's all about the boots baby

I think one of the hottest things a woman can wear is a nice set of high boots, with a short skirt. I'm not talking mid-thigh pleather red-light district high, but above the calves, below the knees high. Lace-up or zipper. Black or brown. Wedge or platform heels. They inevitably add style and attitude to any look.

I have a problem though, that causes me to be unable to wear the high boots for which I swoon... Fat calves.

It's true. No matter how thin I get, I can't comfortably wear high boots. Does anyone else have this problem? I usually can't even zipper them, and the last thing I want is a bulge above the boot. I have enough bulges to worry about. So, when I went to the Nine West Outlet recently, I ran into a problem. These were the kind of boots that caught my eye...

But alas, there was no question that the tall narrow boots didn't stand a chance against my thick calves. I think someone should develop a line of boots for the "larger calved ladies" such as myself. It could totally sell. I mean, I can't be the only woman searching for such a product, right?

I did end up trying on some boots when I was at the store, and after saying emphatic NOs to several pairs because they either didn't zip up, pinched, or were heavy causing worry about potential leg sweat, I ended up with a pair that looks like this...

Not so bad, right? But I still watch with envy, those women who confidently strut along Broadway in their high sexy boots, knowing that thanks to my curvy calves, I will never be able to walk that walk.
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