Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What's with the dinosaur head subway signs?

I'm really NOT into the Microsoft "New Era Campaign," which features subway station posters of people with dinosaur heads.

Maybe I'm a bit slow, but I just didn't get what they were going for right away. When I am looking out the window of the train as it approaches a station, I only have a moment to see the signs go by. I don't time have to read the text and try to figure it out.

According to Microsoft, "The dinosaur is an ironic metaphor for the everyday Expert Information Worker (EIW) trapped within the limitations of a dated software environment." Hmmm... Interesting. Now is an EIW supposed to mean something to me? Am I an EIW? I'm definitely an EIW if it really stands for everyday Expert Irritable Worker. Okay, I'm not always an irritable worker. Only before I have my morning coffee.

The campaign objective is that it "aims to reverse perceptions that previous versions of Office software are simply "good enough" - by showing how the new features and tools in Office 2003 can help overcome various day-to-day workplace frustrations." Now, as my recent post notes, I can tell them something about day-to-day workplace frustrations, but am I really supposed to get ALL that from seeing some people with dinosaur heads? Seriously? I. Just. Don't. Think. So.

At least the new Metlife Posters with Linus from Snoopy holding 5 security blankets give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. But in my book, cuddly beats scaly any day. Which ads do you love or hate?
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