Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's official... I'm going grey!

Yes, it's true. As I began the final approach to my quarter century birthday on the 28th, I noticed it. A shining strand sparkling in the light; standing out bright against it's dark neighbors...

My first grey hair.

But... It's not where you think it is. It's not there either. Actually, it's on my eyebrow! Seriously.

That's right, I have a grey hair on my brow, and I can't bring myself to pluck it out. Partially because I'm intrigued by it, as I am with most things that are new and shiny, and partially because of the movie announcer voice in the back of my head saying, if you pluck it, more will come. But, is that really true what they say about two growing back when you pluck out one, or is that just another one of those superstitions or wives tales about which I wrote yesterday? And who is the they anyway in the phrase, is it true what they say? And why should I believe them?

When I first noticed the hair, I kept examining it in my vanity mirror, trying to convince myself that it was a stray blonde hair. That's when it started...The "D" word. Denial. I had begun my journey through the five stages of grief.

1. Denial -- No way, I thought. I'm too young. I can't be going grey yet. It's definitely a blonde hair.
2. Anger -- #$@%#&* grey hair! I burst out, as I slam my fist down on the vanity. I'm too cheap to get my hair colored at a salon, and too uncoordinated to do it myself. Rrrgghh!
3. Bargaining -- Come on, just give me a few more years. I'll switch shampoos. Perhaps something more gentle? A conditioning treatment once in a while?
4. Depression -- Sigh. It's starting, the downward slope towards 30. I'm gonna be grey, and I still won't know what I'm supposed to do with my life. I should just give up now. What's the use?

And finally... Here I am, entering the last stage.

5. Acceptance -- Alright, the fact is, I have this hair. The truth is, most likely no one else can even see it. It's such a fine hair that it won't even show up in photos. So, I've just got to ignore it, put it out of my head, and move on.

Riiiiight. Okay, I just have to think about something else. Something else. Something... Oh, you know what I want movie I want to see? That new George Clooney flick. Now he's someone that looks sexy with grey. That salt and pepper look can be pretty yummy. That's on other people though. Not me. Not now. And It's not like a brow hair can ever be sexy. That's it. I'm gonna do it. Goodbye grey, for now. I'm going to bite the bullet and just say, pluck it.
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