Friday, October 07, 2005

A dozen things I miss about LA...

When I saw the images from Lindsay Lohan's unfortunate car accident yesterday, I was not thinking, "Aww poor Lindsay", I was thinking "Aww that's the Newsroom Cafe in the background, I really miss their veggie burgers." That got me thinking about other things I miss from living in LA, especially as the one year anniversary of my move back East approaches.

1. Backyard hottub skinny-dipping in January
2. Renting a guest house that had a backyard hottub
3. Benitos 24 hour $2.99 giant veggie burritos
4. The Grove/Farmer's Market people watching
5. PF Chang's chinese chicken in soothing lettuce wraps
6. Working with celebs and B-listers makes for great stories
7. My few genuine friends and the LA Kabbalah Center
8. Having jobs with benefits & Planned Parenthood's free birth control
9. Watching American Idol live
10. The Coffee Bean/Tea Leaf Ice blendeds
11. BF for a neighbor who let Audrey out to play with her dogs mid-day
12. And Audrey's girlfriend next door Pepper who she loved to hump

Ahhh, memories... Are you missing someplace today, and Why?
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