Monday, October 10, 2005

These boots are made for walking

We each have our own unique walk... a posture, a gait, a flow that is uniquely ours.

Do you think about your walk? I sometimes think about mine. Especially when I'm listening to my ipod, and I catch myself walking in step to certain songs. It makes me question if I change my stride based on the shuffle of my tunes. I wonder, do I often succumb to a music induced strut?

I know at times I have felt a dull stroll gain pep and bounce with the first few chords of the Black Eyed Peas "Let's get it started" or "Where is the love?" and a stride become a saunter to Etta James' sultry "I just wanna make love to you." But is it a noticeable change to my fellow sidewalk steppers and subway schleppers?

Then there are times when I am singing along to songs in my head, especially when it's gospel like Aretha's "Oh happy day," or something like "Rent" or American Idol tunes (yes, I am that lame, get over it), I can feel my eyebrows raise reaching for the high notes. And at the times when I just have to harmonize in my head to En Vogue or Salt 'N Pepa, "Never gonna get it, never gonna get it. Never gonna get it... Whooo-o-ooah." Yeah, that 'Woah" is a definite eyebrow raiser.

But the worst is when dance songs come on like KC and the Sunshine Band's "Shake, Shake, Shake," and I just want to bust out dancing, like Ellen Degeneres dancing in the elevator in the commercials for her talk show. But, I refrain. I have thus far been able to control myself from swinging around the subway poles to Madonna or Blondie. But one of these days, I may not be able to control myself. So, to those of you in New York, if you see a girl shaking her bon bon on a B or D train just after rush hour, it may be me. So don't be afraid... come join in. Please, shake your bootie. Yes, shake, shake, shake... shake your bootie with me.
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