Thursday, August 18, 2005

What's in your drawers?

One of my "must haves" is definitely underwear that's a perfect fit. For me, that means something that will make me feel confident, sexy, and comfortable all day.

Surprisingly... this does, in fact, exist. I have found it (thanks to my amazing friend Heather in LA) in Honeydew fishnet and lace. The mesh material hugs your skin and does not dig in, even for voluptuous women. And the contrasting lace trim is a super sexy touch. It is a splurge, but it is totally worth it to me, because I feel like whatever intimates I choose in the morning sets the whole mood of my day.

If I grab my cheap thongs, I may look cute, but I'll never feel quite right. And I'll ususally end up with lines across my sides, or the kind of perma-wedgie that has me squirming in my chair. If I go for the comfort without the sexy/confident factor, those are never the best days either, especially when I grab my oh so comfy navy cottons with Grumpy on it from the 7 dwarfs.

So... I say, treat yourself, if you have the means. You'll look fetching, and feel divine. You deserve a Honeydew day.
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