Thursday, August 11, 2005


My co-worker asked me the other day, if I could add something to myself (an attachment) to give me a super-human power, what would I choose? My first thought was a jet pack to fly, either one for my back or two for my feet. I used to daydream every day on the bus ride to school about flying. Gliding from phone pole to phone pole. But I don't really see myself gliding gracefully in a jet pack. It would probably be awkward and heavy, and I'd constantly be worrying about my pants getting on fire... Yikes.

So, my second thought was to have camera eyes. Oh. My. God. To be able to see a moment, and capture it instantly. For me, that would be a dream, more than superhuman strength or x-ray vision. Just to capture the simple moments of life as the art that it is, as I see it. Wow, I would need a really big memory card. But I'm a photographer, so I guess that's not a stretch... What would you choose? Anyone?
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