Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Buy 10... Get One Free

I did it! Today I cashed in my Cosi stamp card for a free salad or sandwich. I decided to go with the Chicken Caesar salad (as a change from the chicken t.b.m. - tomato, basil, and mozzarella sandwich that I usually get), which as I am eating it now, is turning out to be a disappointment. What is not a disappointment, however, is the bread... which is probably the only reason why there are lines out the door of people waiting to drop 8 or 10 bucks on their lunch every day. I swear there is some addictive substance among their ingredients. Right as you walk in the door, you can see them putting the bread in the oven, and there is a big silver bowl with samples of their bread. I challenge anyone to try it, and not want more... It is thin and salty and a bit crunchy, but still chewy and soft and nice. What more can I say? I'm hooked. I wouldn't be surprised if the people outside asking for money on the street are just trying to raise funds to get their Cosi fix.
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