Sunday, August 07, 2005

For Your Sanitation

I never really appreciated paper toilet seat covers until I moved to LA.

I had been accustomed to squatting, or on occasion placing squares of paper carefully on the seat. But that was before I moved to the land of sanitation, where seat covers can be found around every corner. Even in the smallest, grimiest restaurants, rest stations, and movie theaters.

I was pondering this last night, while trying to dissociate from the experience of watching "Must Love Dogs." Yes, I personally thought it was that bad. (See link to Not a Girl... for post "Must Love Blogs" for more) But at least it gave me time to ponder such pressing issues as powder room conventions.

Here's the worst part though, after two years of being spoiled in LA, I lost my squatting muscles! If I'm going to survive back on the east coast, I'm going to need to start doing some exercises or something. Maybe I'll try some walking lunges...
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