Thursday, August 25, 2005

All seven and we'll watch them fall...

Seven things I...

Plan to do before I die:
1. party like it's 1999
2. visit africa
3. be my own boss
4. be a mom
5. quit my nail-biting habit
6. publish a children's book
7. rock out in a skimpy bikini

Things I can do:
1. make a flower with my tongue (like my sister: happy b-day stef!)
2. take a mean photo
3. paint flames with my fingers
4. win at super mario cart
5. play a few cords of guitar and sing
6. make experimental films
7. shake my bon bon

Things I can't do:
1. fall asleep easily
2. burp loud
3. ski
4. drive stick
5. put things together
6. cook (but I haven't really tried)
7. kill (except bugs)

Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. sensitivity
2. smiling eyes
3. sillyness
4. family values
5. self-confidence
6. man with a plan
7. tickles/rubs my back... ooh, gives me goose bumps

Things I say most:
1. "craziness"
2. "that's wierd"
3. "cool"
4. "who's my cutie girl?"(to the dog)
5. "that's just not funny"
6. "fuck it"
7. "babe-a-licious"

Celebrity crushes:
1. angelina Jolie
2. young johnny depp (pre-pirates, benny & joon days) and 7... The Yankees (does that count as the rest?)

Tag? Whoever wants to be tagged... have fun.
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