Sunday, August 21, 2005

ill luck with the intimates

Warning... Do not work-out in your Honeydew panties!

I just had a minor catastrophe. The fishnet ripped on the back seam of my red and pinks. Must've been those killer lunges. So sad. I know, I shouldn't have been working out in them in the first place. Oops... my bad.

On a positive note, it is just the excuse I needed to buy more... for research purposes, of course. And, if you buy 5 pairs from, there is no shipping fee. So, I think I will try a few more styles (and of course report back with my findings). I am going to get the Fine Mesh Boyshort, in pink with black lace. The Micro Fiber in Raspberry/Blush. Cross Dye Lace in Bubblegum. Cotton Comfort in black on black lace. And finally, my replacement Fishnets in Red/Pink.

So, please learn from my mistakes... 1. Don't trash the granny panties: save them for the gym. And 2. Treat yourself to delicates, but treat your delicates as delicates.
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