Saturday, August 20, 2005

I love this stuff

Skinny Cow low-fat ice cream sandwiches and fudgicles... de.lic.ious... and they're just 2 points on Weight Watchers. (Note: I am one week in on W.W. and down 3.2 lbs... It's a start.)

So, as I do with any of my new obsessions, I went to, and discovered that the Skinny Cow does in fact exist, and she has even written a letter to fans like me, as follows...

Hi, I'm Skinny, and I love ice cream.

Not the “I’ll have a small scoop in a dish” kinda love. The kind of love that can justify a double chocolate peanut butter sundae before noon.

An ice cream habit like that can be pretty tough on a girl’s figure. And with a name like Skinny, you can guess I’m a pretty health-conscious cow.

So I set out to make an ice cream that wasn’t the enemy.

Needless to say, it had to taste absolutely amazing -- rich and super creamy. Nothing like the other low fat stuff out there.

After oodles of recipes and tons of taste tests, I had the perfect vanilla. I scooped it high on two giant chocolate wafer cookies and The Skinny Cow® ice cream sandwich was born, weighing in at just 140 calories and 97% Fat Free.

I couldn’t stop there. I made sandwiches, ice cream bars and sundaes in all kinds of flavors. Then I made ‘em for all kinds of healthy lifestyles, from no sugar added to carb friendly.

And this ice cream lover is here to say, I love every last one.

I make The Skinny Cow® ice cream to make your healthy life a whole lot happier. So fill up that freezer and enjoy

Love, Skinny

Thanks Skinny... Soon, I'll really feel confident prancing around in my Honeydew Fishnet and lace panties. P.S. Even you should try a pair. ;)
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