Wednesday, August 24, 2005

And the lame subway ad award goes to...

Evidently only REAL men fall asleep on trains.

I understand that some of Mitchum's former ads were trying to appeal to men's machismo, for example, "If menage a trois is the only French you know, you're a Mitchum Man," And even the recent, “If you’re pretty sure you could kick out the window in the event of an emergency, you’re a Mitchum Man.” But.....

Does that make me a Mitchum man, because I am respectful of pregnant women/mothers/disabled/elders, and give up my seat? I don't even know what they are going for anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is GREAT to advertise deodorant on the subways... me and my sweat-phobia and all. But, is there anyone that would actually go out and buy Mitchum after staring at these?

P.S. The beau is a Mitchum man, and has an extra stash under the sink... I find this highly disturbing.

LATE-BREAKING UPDATE: He actually uses Gillette, and was offended that I even suggested he was a Mitchum man... he hasn't been one since he was twelve. Excuuuuse me!
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