Friday, October 28, 2005

My birthday: One year ago today

I was in LA, celebrating my 24th birthday by throwing one last backyard BBQ bash before the big move back cross-country. My X-Terra was sitting in the driveway, behind the large Iron, Spanish Style gates, ready to go. Packed from edge to edge, bottom to roof-top. Soon, we would be driving out of those gates for good...

But the 28th was a night to party. There were so many people with whom to celebrate. Actor clients and friends, Kabbalah study-mates, old college buddies showed up, and even people I didn't know. But everyone was welcomed. We ate, we danced, and we hottubbed outside in October. Audrey was enjoying the food people were dropping, with no knowledge that she was about to leave her Yorkie girlfriend next door.

As I drank reisling after reisling, my stomach was all knots. My life felt unsettled. I had no job, no place to go, nothing set up, but I knew it was something that I had to do. Jersey is where I was meant to be.

So, I grabbed a long thin stick and a shmellow, and created a perfect smoores to melt over the yard firepit, and as I stuffed its chocolatey, grahamy, gooeyness into my mouth, I knew that a year from that moment I'd be looking back saying it was all worth it.

And it was. Worth. Every. Second.
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