Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

There was no sad story inspiring this Extreme Makeover, nor Kenmore appliances, nor Ty (sorry Ty-lovers)...

But, there was a sad blogger in need of a pre-birthday pick-me-up. So she bought herself a birthday present, which actually ended up being a lot of work. The process involved searching hundreds of images, taking background photos, and creating a variety of photoshop files. There was drama, tech problems, and a pain in the tuchus Jersey Girl who wanted things how she wanted them, but we overcame the obstacles, and Ginger was able to turn the blogger's photoshop file into something postable, and smoothed out the edges. Thank you Ginger!

And what you are witnessing now is the nearly complete AFTER... I now present, the REVEAL. Move that bus. Ooooooo. Aaaaaaaah. Woooooow.

Okay, Consider it revealed. Hmmm, Reality show worthy? Perhaps not. But, I am giving myself a rose.

Are you crying yet?
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