Saturday, November 26, 2005


I am convinced that my panties have super powers.

Seriously. I have worn my black lace and silk "comfy/confident" Vicky Secret panties three times since I found them hiding in the back of my drawer, and each time, something super has happened.

Wear #1... Last-minute interview at another magazine. Goes well enough to necessitate Wear#2, as follows.

Wear #2... Last-minute second interview at that same magazine, with the Creative Director; which also goes well, and leads to Wear #3.

Wear #3... 9/23: That magazine calls to offer me the job, AND I am offered a staff position/promotion at the magazine at which I have been freelancing since January.

Maybe it was the panties. Maybe it was the fact that the 23rd of November would have been my dad's birthday. Or maybe I'm just THAT good. Whatever it was, I'm not complaining. It will be a difficult decision though, so I'm glad to have the weekend to think it over.

Needless to say, I will definitely NOT be forgetting these panties at the back of my drawer ever again.
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