Saturday, October 01, 2005

Remember your first time?

When Mommak at Petroville posed the question, "How old were you when you had your first real kiss? (by real kiss, I mean more action than a peck) What was his/her name & where were you?" I started to think about my "firsts." And I realized that I can put events in my life into a time line and visualize them based on the movies that were playing in the background.

Here are a few of those firsts:

-1st date... The Gods Must Be Crazy II. 4th grade. Nathan's mom and grandma sat in the row behind us. We held hands. He won a dolphin charm necklace for me from the lobby crane game after the movie.
-1st real kiss... Outbreak. Freshman in HS. Jeff took me to a movie about a deadly airborne virus. Seriously. Could that have been more unromantic? I don't think so. I'm not sure if the flutter in my stomach was caused by nerves about the kiss, or the movie's scary diseased psycho monkey.
-1st ummm, other intimate acts... Vatel. Michel invited me to the premier screening on the last night I was interning at the Cannes film festival in France. It was a very romantic night (a much older man with an accent, cobblestone streets, merlot, a yellow rose). A great story, but a not-so-great... well, I won't go there!
-1st date with a girl... But I'm a Cheerleader. Hilarious movie about "sexual disorientation!" Jenny invited me over to watch the DVD. I think it was supposed to be a date, but she kept talking about how her ex-girlfriend emotionally hurt her.
-1st secret rendez-vous... Superman. The boss-man. Shhh. He was all Superman, all the time. VP of a production company, with action figures and posters watching from all-around. The movie was playing in the background every time he and I "got together."
-1sts with the 1st love... Movie is still seeking distribution. Adam came out to LA to work on a documentary with Ed Asner. I helped out at the shoot, then we had some good quality alone time after years of not seeing each other.

So there you have it... Anyone else want to share any firsts?
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