Wednesday, April 25, 2007

when it rains...

...sit back and enjoy the shower. As surprising as this may sound, I really like my soon to be mom-in-law. She's a very loving and creative middle school art teacher. She also has some of the best friends imaginable. They even wanted to throw a shower/luncheon for me, a girl they barely know. The only problem was that it was on April 15th... the day of the monsoon. It was pouring so hard that it felt like the water was shooting up from the ground. And yet, I still convinced myself to wear a dress. But hey, rain is supposed to be good luck, right? Especially for a shower.

Despite the flooding that Jersey is oh so famous for, there were about 12 women there. We sat around drinking mimosas and eating and chatting... Until the hostess said that it was time for the games. I stopped in my tracks... Games? I'm not really a games sort of gal, but I went with it, and actually ended up having fun.

Here I am (embracing the cheese) after playing the match game, and proving (by answering questions as he would) that the man and I are indeed a perfect match.The second game was a little more out there, but perfect for this group. The women broke into groups, and made wedding gowns out of toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. Thankfully, I got to walk around and take photos, instead of participating, because I was "the judge." It actually felt a lot like an episode of Project Runway, because there were four art teachers in the bunch, so they were all so creative. They even made little rosettes and added trim. Very fancy. After the fashion show, we opened a few "pamper the bride" presents, the most risque of which actually came from the MIL. It was a totally see-through little number from Victoria's Secret with a matching floral thong... Needless to say, my face turned as bright as the frock's fuscia flowers. The sweetest thing that they did though, was to go in together to get a gift card to a spa for me and the MIL, so we can bond... I can only hope that my friends and I can spoil future daughter-in-laws in just the same way. But in the meantime... I'll enjoy the lingerie.
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