Wednesday, March 28, 2007

cone head

St. Patty's Day weekend, my dog Audrey woke up with a swollen face. It was the weekend and a holiday, so many vets were closed... no surprise there. You may remember the chocolate eating fiasco on Christmas Eve. But, unlike that time, I did end up finding a vet relatively closeby that was open. The doc said she had an infection and had to go back in for dental surgery, including an overnight stay. During the surgery, she had 4 teeth removed and a drain put in.

Part of her face was shaved and there was an incision with a tube coming out of it that was stitched to her face, and thus, she was presented with the dreaded cone...

Poor thing. Thankfully, when she went back on Tuesday, the doc gave her the all clear. The tubes came out and she's cone-free once again. Happy day.

Now I can go away and not be too worried. I'm off to Vegas tomorrow for my cousin's wedding this weekend. Parrr-tay! I'm very excited. The only time I have been to LV was on the drive cross-country for about five minutes, so it should be a good time. Wish me lots of luck.
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