Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Banished to the blogosphere's corner

I have come down with an unfortunate condition that has been worsening over the past few weeks. It is television induced blog blanking.

I swear, I keep thinking of the sexiest, hottest, most bizarre things to tell you, and then the moment I turn on the TV, I go totally and completely blank.

Between Grey's the past two nights and Idol tonight, I'm surprised I can even form any words right now. Okay, so there have been a few other things on my plate as well, including a wedding I photographed two weekends ago, that I have been organizing and playing with ever since, but mostly I blame the HD-DVR-Netflix-Devil Box that continues to seduce me.

Hopefully, after the season (and series) finales this week, my condition will fade and I will be back in true form, sans dunce cap.
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