Sunday, December 25, 2005

Weird wild schtuff

I was tagged by the fabulous Kiki, to divulge five weird things about myself. So, here goes...

1. I get freaked out if pictures are hanging even slightly crooked on a wall. I can't even eat at a certain restaurant in Jersey City any more, because every poster and sign in the restaurant is slanted and it makes me cringe. Maybe I should ask for a Laser Level for Chanukah.

2. I'm really bad at remembering what I wore, and when. On Wednesday mornings when I am getting ready, I have to strain to remember clothing choices from Monday. I'm thinking of starting a clothing log, so I don't repeat every few days.

3. I was obsessed with stuffed animals in my youth. I used to do fire drills and practice grabbing armfuls of my most important stuffed animals in case of an emergency. The most important being my snoopy dolls, who I called, and still do on occasion, "Noosy."

4. I scribe most posts for my blog on the envelopes from my paychecks while I'm commuting to and from work. They are the right thickness and easy to grab quickly from a messy purse.

5. I have a problem with losing camera lens caps. I can think of 3 times in the past two months. Last month, I got a lens cap in the mail from my sister in Texas. She said that she switched cleaning ladies, and the cap appeared from within the depths of a couch, from Thanksgiving 2004... And yes, that cap is already missing again.

Tag... You're it. If you want to play, please do, and let me know so I can check it out. Happy Holidays. XX, D
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