Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Don't leave me hanging on the telephone

I made the big leap today... No, I am not talking about the first day at my new job; I'm talking about an even bigger leap, I got a new phone. And not just any new phone. A slim and sexy Razor phone. But that's not all. With the new phone, I also changed service providers, AND the ultimate change... a new phone number, to truly be a Jersey Girl again once and for all.

Changing phones is actually proving to be more of a burden than I had imagined. I spent hours this evening laboring over who should make the leap from the old phone's contact list to the new one, and who should be cut forever from the list. Then I had to input those chosen names and numbers, one at a time. It's amazing how hard it has been to part with certain numbers, even random people in LA who I only hung out with once or twice. But I need to do it. I have moved on to a new phase, and I need to just wipe them from my phone, and my life.

Done and done. Now that I have made my decisions regarding the list, I need to figure out how and to whom I should make privy this information; who is important enough to me to bother, and to whom this information is actually important enough to bother sharing it with them. It is quite empowering in a way, to feel in control of such relationships, but at the same time there is a lot of potential rejection. What happens if I call someone who made the list to tell them I have a new phone, and they blurt out, Danielle who?

I think I'll just go with a mass e-mail, that's safe. Or maybe I'll just continue walking around with one phone in each pocket for a while... Who knew a new phone could be so much work?
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