Thursday, December 08, 2005

The good, the bad, and the half nekkid

The evil flu has descended upon me and attacked my helpless body, and I can't even take a day off of work to recover because it's my last two days at the current job. But, I shouldn't be complaining too much... I mean, what's a little fever when the last week or so has brought me so many things to be excited about?

Including, 1. There's the new job. 2. I met Oprah last week. And last, but not least... 3. I made it to Blogebrity's C-List, joining such great names as Neil Kramer, and B-Lister Paul Davidson. So, does this mean I get to learn the secret handshake guys?

To join in the HNT fun, click on Half Nekkid sidebar link. Happy HNT!
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