Friday, December 16, 2005

A rat in Manhattan

I walked out of work today to find hundreds of people hooting and hollering on the street below. They were gathered with signs behind metal rails, near Grand Central Station and the Hyatt, where the Transit union talks were in effect... and, of course, there was the rat.

For those who are not familiar with him, this is not just any NYC street rat. This is a 12-foot-tall inflatable rat, with big buck-teeth, colossal claws, and bright red eyes.

You can sort of see him in this picture from my new phone. Today was not my first time spotting this larger than life-sized rat. He gets around. The rat is known for frequenting union protests and strike spots across Manhattan, and beyond. He was outside the IFC movie theater recently, preventing me from attending a screening of Me and You and Everyone We Know with a Q&A session with the star/director Miranda July herself. So no, I am not happy when I see that critter. I am not someone who likes to cross a picket line and get yelled at by angry people with bullhorns. No, thank you.

I'm really hoping the Transit workers don't strike tomorrow, because we have several photo shoots going on, and more important than that... I don't feel like walking great distances in the cold and icy rain!
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