Saturday, December 03, 2005

My AMBER alert

Adopted in 1997, from my grandmother, after a trip to Paris when she saw me eyeing a similar pair in the window of a vintage boutique. The glasses in the window were too expensive to purchase, but when we got back to Jersey, Gram rummaged through her belongings, and she found them... The black plastic frames with tiny shooting stars, slightly crooked and scuffed, but full of character... The glasses that would become a part of my identity for years.

We went through a lot together, me and Cat the glasses. Through the last year of high school when Lisa Loeb, whose song "Stay" was at the top of the music charts, started wearing glasses like mine. Through college, drunken nights, firsts, and celeb encounters. It was a love that lasted seven years, until her unfortunate disappearance...

It was a year ago today. I had recently driven cross country, and was in the process of moving into my current apartment. Cat was with me one minute, and gone the next. I don't know when exactly it happened, she was just nowhere to be found. And in the year since I last saw her, I swear, I have not been able bring myself to touch another pair of glasses. I don't know if I will ever be able to... I'm thinking of just giving up and *gasp* bringing an end to it all... getting Lasik corrective eye surgery, so I can put the pain of her disappearance behind me, and move on with my glassesless life.
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